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Notes from October 2018

We will be shouting into elevators for a generation if these worms put a rapist on the highest court.

Verisimilitude is not worth watching somebody brush their teeth

Mosaic Medical said the EMG is approved. Oh Nobody told me. Then it's good you called.

Wouldn't it be interesting if a culture were to take a hard position against lying?

I was in a trailer without running water at my brother's place where he was living in the ugly countryside with a terrible woman

two gentlemen of tacoma

Russian bots and trolls and Fox News

a fatiguing ache

I don't understand a question that includes the word "because."

I'm working on a great little shed that I'm living in and it's at so many exciting stages of near-completion that I can't help wanting to work on it all the time. But I hurt a nerve in my neck. It's getting looked at. I had to sit down or I'd be laying down, today at 40 mg CBD. Yesterday was better at 80. Wish I could afford that. Wish I had more now.

If a woman is attracted to you at work, she won't know what to do about it. If you don't, in an at-will state, she can get you fired. "At-will" is a devious term, American Republican in nature and origin, that means an employer can fire you for any reason or no reason.